Sunday, November 15, 2009

Tuwais "The Singer" (11-92H)

Interesting bits about one of the personalities in Islamic history as mentioned by Az-Zahabee in his Siyaar A'laam an-Nubaala' (4/364) and others.

Tuwais was the Maula (freed slave) of Arwa bint Kuraiz who was the mother of the Third Caliph, Uthman radhia Allah anhu. He was a "singer" (in the sense that he used to beat duffs and "sang" poetry). He was Abdul Mun'ieem Isaa ibn Abd Allah. Initially, he was called(laqab) "Thawus" (Arabic: peacock) but after he had "effeminated" (takhannatha) (?medical/?genetical/), he was then called "Tuwais" (Small peacock).

He was famous for three things which people made a standard out of him.

(1) Singing
He was one of the first to "sing" in Islam as he had learnt the arts from the prisoners of war from Rome and Persia and he excelled in it that people used him as a standard to compare others.

(2) Height
He was described to have extremely excessive height(mufrit fil tool)

(3) "Bad lucks"
Arabs used to say for someone who has a series of bad lucks, or when things always go wrong :" Ash'aam min Tuwaais" (More 'bad lucks' than Tuwais)

Why? Because:

The day he was born: Prophet sallahu 'alaihi wassalam died
The day he began to eat solid food: Abu Bakr died
The day he reached puberty: Umar died(1)
The day he got married: Uthman died
The day he had his firstborn chil: Ali died(2)

(1) Some say it was the day he had his circumcision
(2) Some say it was al-Hasan ibn Ali

Tuwaais used to say: "O People, As long as I'm still alive among you all, do expect the Daabbah (3) and Dajjal (the False Messiah) to appear, but if I die, you all will be safe!!"

(3) One of the Major Signs of the Qiyaamah.

Food for thoughts for medicos

Any differentials here for Tuwais.

He was described as having a squint, extremely tall, and have female characteristics? But appears to be able to reach puberty and have offsprings.